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ESF + Data Support Centre – Draft note on target setting

Publication date: 1/7/2021

The aim of this note is to promote a common understanding of target-setting methodologies for ESF+ programmes. It also seeks to encourage discussion and shared learning in the process of identifying relevant indicators for which a target should be set as well as methodological choices to be applied in defining them.
The note provides an overview of the general concepts in relation to the scope and requirements for target setting, building upon the requirements set by the Regulation and further explained in the Common Indicator Toolbox, as well as on the experience gained through the Data Support Centre.
It includes some examples and advice for managing authorities on how to ensure the use of sound methodologies to set realistic targets as well as suitably document them (see particularly Annex I – schematic examples on target setting and Annex II – note on measurement unit for target setting). Such indications are however not prescriptive and are rather intended to spur discussion and sharing of experiences

This note should also be read in combination with the note on programme specific indicators (Background note on programme - specific indicators).
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Last modification date: 27/1/2023

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