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Νote on informed estimates

Publication date: 1/7/2021

This note is intended to provide some suggestions on possible ways to use informed estimates as foreseen by the ESF+ Regulation and to launch a methodological discussion about them. It should not be used for any legal interpretation.
From the outset, it should be recalled that informed estimates are intended to lower administrative costs and burden linked to data collection. They should also help reduce the pressure on participants and beneficiaries, especially with regards to the collection of sensitive information and respect the dignity of those benefitting from support. They might contribute to lower underreporting. However, informed estimates are generally not mandatory, i.e. managing authorities are free to collect data based on more traditional “census-like” approaches. Indeed, before moving into the description of informed estimates, it is worth recalling where they lie in the broader framework of possible data collection methods, as well as in which cases the regulations give the possibility to use them for reporting purposes.
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Last modification date: 27/1/2023

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